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maandag 4 april 2011

So the epicness begins!

Hello there strangers, friends, stalkers (don’t know, don’t care muahaha)
this is the first epic mind spill that is appearing on this awsome blog of mine.

For peeps who dont know me, my mind is kind of an endless pit of random thoughts.
I’m that kind of person that will zone out for like half an hour, and snap out of it just to inform people that “the cheese might be evil :|” only to recieve a few wierd looks and requests to explain how the hell I just came to that conclusion.
Well, that is exactly why I am writing this blog, so all the verbal diheriah that I spew out on a daily basis, can be captured into one big enormous bit op epic, awesome, random views of life.

So yeah, like it or not but your gonna get a peek inside my head!
and for my Bestdude Milko, I will post a vlog once in a while to.

love, kisses, watch out for the cheese,


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