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dinsdag 5 april 2011

Airplane food and Strawberry Flavour!

So, I was going to make a blog about some random facts about me, but Milko decided that a vlog would be better. so I wrote down a few of my quirks, pet peeves and just fun facts about myself. But my list was so long that I had to pick just a few for the vlog. of course now you are thinking to yourself: “But, Natasha! I’m SOOO freaking interested in your life, why can’t we know EVERYTHING about you!?”
Settle down, settle down, don’t get your panties is a bunch.
I’m going to post them right here :)
soooo, here they are, the facts that, sadly enough, did not make the video:

1. I LOVE Large bunches of key chains

And I mean HUGE, like a whole collection of humongous key chains.
Seriously, feel free to hang a full size teddy bear or fox tail on there, AWESOME.
Just the look and feel of an enormous bunch of key chains (of course with keys on them) makes me happy. Overtime my keychain grows and grows and grows, once in a while I have to clean out the whole bunch and throw out the old key chains. today I just cleaned out my key-bunch, now they look like this, its as small as its going to get.
I also have a tendency to keep every single key I ever needed, even from my two bikes that got stolen… just in case one of them mysteriously appears somewhere.
(a friend of mine totally found her stolen bike on a bridge in Amsterdam)

2. I get exited about the most ridiculous crap

okay, let me give an example, just this afternoon I was walking around in this discount shop, and something caught my eye… an enormous BALL of hair ties… :|
You know those office supply elastic balls? yeah, like that, but made out of HAIR-FREAKIN-ties.
Yeah, that was my initial reaction to.internet-not-impressed
So after freaking out about it for like 30 minutes,I bought it.
and when I got home I was all like: “OMG!!!! MOM!!! check this out!! its a BALL of HAIR TIES!!!” and she was sitting there looking at me like “O.RLY.HUH.”
so during the rest of the day my exitedness subsided.
And now I’m stuck with a ball of hair ties that, frankly don’t even really work that well… 
Waste of my 2 euro’s.

3. I have a strange love for Airplane food

So my parents just returned from a vacation and they brought the airplane food that they didn’t want (biscuits, bagels, pieces of carrot cake and such).This is kind of normal in our household because most of the time my parents and little sister don’t really like the food. But why would they keep the food they don’t like?
Because I LOVE airplane food! I don’t know why… I guess it has something to do with the fact that when I was little I used to travel by plane for about nine hours at a time on a regular basis. So I guess its kind of implanted in my brain or something… I’m wierd…
So bring on those tiny salads, carrot cake, fruit cups and biscuits, YUMM!

4. I HATE strawberry flavored foods

Well, actually, food that says its “Strawberry Flavored”
This just aggravates me to no end. Seriously, when I read: “Strawberry Flavored”,
I read: “This stuff usually tastes like crap, so we just threw in some dangerous chemicals that could probably potentially kill you, and made it taste absolutely NOTHING like the delicious fruit we named it after! enjoy!”
This just made me physically sick just writing about it…

So now you know just a little bit more about me, check in later for the 5 random facts vlog, for the craziest, quirkiest and weirdest facts about me!
Love, kisses, get me an airplane fruitcup.

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