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donderdag 7 april 2011

I SWEAR! its vegan!

Most of my life I have been vegan from birth till I was eight and from the time I was 15 till I was 16.
So obviously I can shoot lasers with my eyes, read your mind and my hair is voluminous as hell.tumblr_lbnl6irsTv1qdmscpo1_500
But I have decided that I’m giving up being vegan once and for all.
I’m totally sick of it, I’m not even going to try anymore. Every time I went out to eat with friends I had to interrogate the waiter about if the food was cooked with milk, eggs, cheese, honey or a dead freaking animal.
only to hear something like: “no! we are sure its vegan!”

well, after September I tried a number of times to be vegan again but it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to be a non-health freak and eat vegan at the same time, you cant eat put-a-little-on-your-shitty-tempeh-you-might-like-itANNYTHING!! here is a list wit foods you can NOT eat:
- Chocolate, tough luck, theirs milk in there
- Gummy candy, HA! ground pig bones you sicko! go spit that out! Eww, you disgust me.
- Honey loops, to bad, bees got their tiny little legs torn off for your pleasure.
- Doritos, yeah, didn’t see that one coming did you. it has one single animal enzym mixed in there.
- Cake, this is vegan TORTURE device, it has milk, eggs and sometimes even honey.

so basically you have a huge variety of beans, greens and fruit…
Yummm… soybeans all day every day, so deliciously tasteless.

And I know that its good for the environment and shit, but frankly… I don’t think that me not drinking milk or eating eggs or cheese (Americans, you have NO idea what cheese is until you eat real Dutch gouda.) is really going to help the environment.
hug a veggieThe meat, eggs, milk and cheese is there, its already been made. Its your choice if your going to eat it or not, its not going to help the environment substantially, trust me. But after a few years of being vegan, meat really doesn’t taste good anymore (kind of like iron, blood and oil), so I’m still going to refrain from that…

I’m a proud VEGETARIAN now! (maybe the vegan police will let me keep my incredibly voluminous hair… please?)

Love, Kisses, eat a chicken…


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